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Click "Info" to obtain the sale price of a domain on our domain broker's website.     Info     Info     Info    Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info     Info   Info

Mission Statement

To develop, maintain and operate high-quality websites, and sell premium internet domains to corporations and organizations from around the world.

Escrow Agent to Protect your funds:

Our domain broker, the Afternic division of, will handle the fast, efficient domain transfer process. Adventure Projects will pay the escrow fee.

GoDaddy is the world's largest internet domain registrar, and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under Ticker Symbol GDDY.

With an escrow process, GoDaddy won't remit your funds to Adventure Projects until the domain registration has been transferred to you, the Buyer.

Reasons to buy a new Domain:

A distinctive domain name has many potential uses!

1.  Use it as your primary domain name.  A domain name which is memorable, distinctive and intuitive will help insure that your customers will remember your web identity.

2.  Use it for special advertising promotions, following the lead of Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and even government agencies!

3.  Hold it, unused, for the future needs of your company or organization. 

Buying a quality domain name is a one-time expense, yet its value is likely to increase tremendously through the years.

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